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"A need to help.."

 Monday, May 2, 2011

I can not explain to you the feeling that I have right now..but I can tell you that I have a strong urge to, I take that back...I feel a strong need to help the people that were affected by the string of tornado's that ripped through our beautiful state last week...

As I sat in my nice air conditioned living room with my stomach full from lunch that I ate with my in-laws after  a wonderful church service...and Travis asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day..all I could think about was all the people in North Alabama that had everything they owned ripped away from them in a matter of minutes...When they woke up that day they had no idea that their life was going to be changed forever...Hundreds of mother's out there that has lost the ability to care to their children because their home destroyed...these people are having to depend on the charity and the generosity of people like you and I to lend a helping hand just so they can cloth, feed, and protect their children...and again, here I sit in my comfy home with everything that I need and most of what I want contemplating what I want for Mother's day...It just made me see things in a whole different light...

At that point, I decided I wanted nothing more than to help...I need to help...I can't explain it..but I know that in my heart it is God leading me..I can't give much money and I know they supplies that I take will not even make a dent in what is needed in these hard hit areas...but what I can give is a helping hand...a little ray of sunshine to someone that has lost there's..and I can pray with them..and for them...

When you can't give anything can always give prayers...and sometimes that is the most important thing you could ever give someone... 


Erick and Kristen Cedeno, and Abbi too! May 3, 2011 at 4:56 PM  

Hey girl!! I recognized you in my blog and gave you an award!! Go check it out! Have a great day!

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