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"My Relationship with God.."

 Thursday, April 21, 2011

As I sat down to start this blog, I had every intension of continuing with part 2 of "Helping Hands.." but something else has been tugging at my heart for 2 days now and I just felt led to write about this...

Many of you know about the tragic accident that took 2 precious lives just a little over a month ago...Brittany and Shep Pugh...I had seen Britt and Shep a week prior to the accident..and let me tell you...she was as beautiful as ever and that smile was the same..It could brighten up a entire room...Shep was all smiles as well..Just like his momma..We talked for about a good 5 minutes and then sadly we had to part ways...We both said how good it was to see each other and that now that her Brother and Sister in Law lived right down the road from me that we would have to visit sometime...I remember thinking as we parted ways how beautiful of a person she really was..I mean, you can really tell if someone is genuine or not..and Britt was one of the most genuine people I knew...

Brooke, Britt's sister, is keeping Britt's memory alive through her Facebook page...From the time of Britt and baby Shep's departure from this earth..she has been sitting down just about every night and journaling through Britt's page...I have spent the last 2 days going through these posts..reading them..taking them to heart..I am simply amazed at the Shepard and Pugh familys strength and in this time of need of how stronge their faith is in our all mighty God...Brooke has touched so many lives through her words and she never loses sight of our heavenly father..through all her pain, sadness, anger, and disbelieve..she leans of God's support and divine intervension to carry her through..she has posted "Signs" that Britt and Baby Shep have sent from above to let her family know..she is still there with them and things will one day be alright..she has given them these signs to keep them to day..It has been so inspirational for me to read these journal entrys from Brooke...

There is several thoughts that keep coming to my mind as I think back on reading these posts..Britt was so stronge in her faith..and look at what an amazing legacy she left behind in her death..This leads me to ask myself...What kind of legacy will I leave behind one day? Have I impacted someone's life the way many have impacted mine?? It also leads me to look at my relationship with God...When you spoke to Britt you could see how stronge her faith and relationship with God shined through her...Does my relationship with God shine through that stronge?? What kind of impression am I giving off to the world? You know...something that my preacher said during last Sunday's message comes back into my mind here...he said "We grumble and complain about having to give God 60 minutes out of our time by going to church on Sunday morning...but what if God only gave us 60 minutes of his time"...what if when we called on him in prayer and he simply said "Oh I have already given you 60 minutes of my to wait till next week"...I am guilty of this..I often don't have time (or I choose not to make the time) to read my daily devotional and bible...I say in my mind on Sunday morning "Cant we just stay home today?"..I have become so lax on my faith here lately that I ashamed to say it...I know without a doubt that Britt gave God more than 60 minutes of her time..he radiated through her...I have not been walking the walk here lately...and I know that if I died legacy would not be what I would want it to be...

In one of the posts on Britt's of the signs was the time 11:11...3 times in the last 2 days have I looked at the clock and the time read 11:11...Travis even said he looked at the clock on Tuesday and the time guessed it..11:11...I dont believe that this was coincidence...I believe God is using Britt and Shep to draw others closer to God...making them re-examine their relationship...making me re-examine my relationship...

I also just finished reading a book called "Heaven is Real"...its a must read..go buy it today and read it...this book is tells of a little boys amazing trip to heaven..and he comes back to earth knowing what heaven is like..seeing our father in heaven..knowing things that he could only know by actually going there...I couldnt put it down the moment I started reading it..there were parts that gave me goosebumps and I just knew..this was really happened..God is speaking through this little boy and touching lives..he touched mine..

Between reading this book and reading Brooke's journal entries..and the the fact that I keep seeing 11:11 for the past 2 days...I know God is speaking to my heart...telling me that he is there...he loves me..but its up to me to do my part now...I must re-examine my relationship with him and refocus my life... :)


Stephanie Burgans,  April 21, 2011 at 9:54 AM  

Very well said Jess. I LOVE reading Brookes posts on Brittnay's page. It is what I look forward to every morning when I log onto Facebook. Everytime I read them I just pray pray pray that the Lord gives me that kind of strength if I am ever faced with such a challenge in life as they have been faced with. I did not personally know Brittany but I can tell she was very devoted to Christ. Brooke has definitely impacted my life and made me look at things in a much broader perspective. Reading her posts definitely makes me look at my weaknesses and helps me realize that I have lots to work on.

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