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"Helping Hands (Part 2).."

 Thursday, May 5, 2011

"I am only one, but I am one...  I cannot do everything, but I can do something...  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do..."

There are moments in your life that stick a frozen memory in time that you will never forget..there are certain people that will always leave a mark on your life...sometimes we don't know a name..and we may not even know the face...but you will never forget the act of kindness they have shown will never they impacted your life..

I can remember a time when I worked at Country's BBQ..if you have ever waitressed before you know that you depend on those tips to make your other words, you are depending on someone's generosity...You will always get the regular's..the non-tipers..the smoker's...the picky ones...and then you get the customer's that you will never forget...This particular week I was struggling financially..and I wasn't quite certain how I was going to make my weekly bills of putting gas in my car, paying daycare, and making my car payment and also buying diapers with the $25 dollars I had made in tips that day...With a accumulated total for the week of tips coming up to a whooping $134 dollars...daycare was $80 alone. I was wiping down signs (anyone that worked at Country's know what I mean when I say we were wiping down sign..Jay Blanchards favorite saying was "You got time to got time to clean!") lost in thought about how I was going to make $134 magically cover my bills when 2 of my regular customers came in...I sat them in their regular booth in the smoking section and brought them there usual sweet tea...After I placed their order, I proceeded to talk with them saying nothing of my troubles.. but these 2 people had come in there enough that they knew me pretty well (also if you know me then you know my face is a open book to my emotions..) they told me to sit down and asked me what was wrong...I said "nothing" of course, because isnt that what we always say?..."Nothing.." when in fact everytime we say nothing...there is always something lying behind that "Nothing"...They knew as persistant as these 2 gentlemen were..I told them my dilemma...but also in the same breath told them that I would figure it worries...They offered me a smile and told me they were sure it would be fine...They wrapped up the meal..I gave them the ticket...after all they only had a hour for lunch...As they walked out, one of the guys came back and handed me $5 dollar bill (also if you were ever a waitress you got excited over a $5 dollar tip)..I was pleased...they left..I was cleaning up the table...when the cashier came over to me and handed me a envelope...and said that the 2 gentelmen that just left told her to give this me after they left...I opened it up and inside was a note that said "A act of kindness is a smile from God"..which included $100 dollar bill...I sat down in that booth and cryed...I still see these 2 gentelmen every once in a while..and I will NEVER forget the kindness that they showed me when I needed it the most...

I could sit here and replay to you so many random act's of kindness that people have shown me over the years..that stick out to me..I feel that I could never repay these people because in a time when I was down..they extended there hand to me...and helped me up...Without these people..without these pure, genuine, and generous acts...I would not be where I am today..

There is Gene Linzey who when I didnt have enough money to pay daycare told me that if I cleaned out his truck he would pay me because he knew I just wouldnt take his money without working for it (after all, that is what my daddy taught me)..there is my Uncle Gere, who without him giving me the opportunity to work at PC Plus there is no telling where I would be or what I would be doing..he took the time to teach me about computers..he believed that I could be more than a waitress...He believed in me...He still believes in me...There is the old man at the grocery store when I was still struggling, working 2 jobs..and when I got up to the cash register with 2 packs of diapers..formula..and wipes...and I was 3 dollars short of having what I needed..and I knew I couldnt put anything back..he gave the cashier a $5 dollar bill and turned to me and said "God bless you sweetheart"...

I will never forget these people..I will never forget there kindness...I will never forget their Helping Hands...

As I finish this post...People,please realize that you a opportunity to help someone week..there are thousands of people in North Alabama that has lost everything they own...their are children that have lost parents..parents that have lost children...You don't have to do much..but something...Be someone else's memory that sticks out in their their "Helping Hand.."


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