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 Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are you happy? Think about what I am asking you...Are you really and truly happy? Look within yourself...the person that you have become...your life..your friends...your family...I mean really ponder this question...and ask yourself...Are you happy??

According to Webster dictionary the word Happiness in defined as Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy...

As I sat on my back patio Sunday morning...drinking my coffee..reading my book and listening to Otis Redding on my Ipod...I was looking at the new privacy shrubs that Travis and I had planted in the the new Calalilies that I had planted beside my all my roses that are starting to bloom...I could feel the morning sun heat up my face...I couldnt help but to start thinking about my far I have come...I soon had to start getting ready for church..where I sat in a pew with my husband, son, and mother and father in law (like we do every Sunday)...after church we went to Travis parents to eat Sunday lunch (again, like we do every Sunday)...We went home and we all changed out of our Sunday clothes...Again, I sat on my back patio only this time I watched Travis and Khristian play baseball in our backyard...A little while later, Khristian and I went over to my parents house where my step-mom and I sat on there back patio talking and watching my daddy teach Khristian how to drive the lawn mower...Where I got a text from one of my best friends and asked if Travis and I wanted to come over and grill out...The night ended with Travis and I laying on the couch together watching TV...The whole day from start to finish was nothing but perfection..

I tell you this because...well....I never thought I would have this kind of life. I know it sounds crazy..but there was a time there before I met Travis that I thought it was just going to be Me and Khristian...I mean, I dreamt about having my dream house, with my perfect little family sitting in my perfect backyard...sharing all this with my friends and family..but I never really thought I would have it..I just didnt think it was in the cards for me...Somewhere along the line, my dream became my reality...Back when I was younger, I am not quite sure what I really thought my life would be like..I guess I was just living it one day at a time..thats all I could really do...

There was alot of bumps along the way and there still is some winding roads that I have to weave through...Now I ask myself the same question that I asked at the beginning of this blog...Am I happy??

Yes...Happiness to me is hearing the sound of my son's laugh in the morning and him telling me he loves me...happines is my husband kissing me goodbye in the morning and snuggleing up next to my neck...its laughing in the gym with my best friend as we make complete idiots of ourselves...its drinking a cup of coffee with my parents and taking about our day...its laughing and holding my best friends daughter while we hang out and catch up...its watching my son and husband play together..Its knowing that I have a God in heaven that is willing to love me know matter what my faults are...

I am a very blessed and happy girl... :)


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