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 Monday, March 21, 2011

"Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars."

Last night as I layed in bed with Travis..I reflected over my weekend...I got a little emotional because as I layed there I was overcome with a sense of contentment...I am so blessed...

I have a husband that is not only my "husband" in name but he is my very best friend...As I sit here and think about our time together (dating and marriage)..I think about the fact that things are so easy for us...We have never really had a big fight, yes some disagreements, but nothing that would amount to a hill of beans...we understand one anothers needs..we dont fight against each other..we work with one another..there is a common appreciation that we have for the other person. I watch Alabama football and wrestling (I like John Cena) with him, and try to play him in football on the PlayStation (which he kicks my butt in every time)..He sit's down and watches Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, and rubs my back for me at night...He makes me laugh and he laughs at all my crazy ideas and most of the time goes along with them. I couldnt ask for a better father for Khristian...I wish you all could see his face when he gets to coach Khristians baseball and football teams...I could really go on and on here but sum it up...Travis and I not only have a marriage..we have a bond that is out if this world...

I have a small handful of friends that I know I can count on...As we grilled out at our house Saturday night..I looked around and was surrounded my best friend from high school, one of my best friends from Troy, and my Brother (one of my best friends) and my husband (again, best friend)...Friends are my family that I choose to surround myself with..and I have to say that I have a great "family"..

As Travis and I got up and got ready for church on Sunday morning...I was all smiles...but my smile got alot bigger as I walked into the church..came up to "our" pew that we sit on every Sunday..and sitting there was my Daddy...He and my step-mom came to church with us. It felt great to sit in church with my parents, Travis parents, my son and Husband...the only that made it better was Travis got up in front of the church..played his guitar and he got ready to sing..Khristian told me "Mom, scoot over so I can see my daddy sing"...He was a proud son and I was a proud wife...

I realized last night I have the life that I always dreamed of...I'm not saying its perfect..I have my problems like everyone else...but I have enough sense not to focus on the bad and and to thank God for all the blessing and people he has placed in my life...I can't spend my life focusing on if someone doesnt like what I do, write, say, dont say, watch..or whatever the case may be..The sun is shining and I am breathing..I choose what I do and who I surround myself with...

Once we recognize what it is we are feeling..once we recognize we can feel deeply...feel joy...then we can demand that all parts of our lives produce that kind of joy... :)


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