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Growing up..

 Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last night as I layed in bed about to go to sleep, Khristian came in my bedroom with a stomach ache. Bless his heart, I could tell it was really hurting him and he was trying to be tough but I could see in his face and eyes that he was in pain. I gave him some medicine and told him to try to go to bed and get some rest...I layed in my own bed for a few moments before I decieded to go lay in his bed with him...I craweled up next to him in his tiny little bed..he wrapped his arms around me and curled up into a tiny little ball just like he used to do when he was smaller. As I layed there and rubbed his back until his little body relaxed enough to drift into a light sleep, I realized my little boy was growing up on me. There wouldnt be to many more nights that he let me curl up next to him and make him feel better..I miss the days of him calling me Mommy instead of Mom or Momma...He is growing up...

Just when I thought he was asleep he whispered "Thank you Momma" which I replyed "What for?" and he simply replyed "For being here.." I couldnt even answer him because I had a lump in my throat the size of Texas..I just hugged him tighter...

I couldnt bear to get up and go to bed at that moment so I just layed right there next to my son..listening to him breath and Thanking God for allowing me to be his Mom.  I felt comforted in that moment because I know that I have a special place in his heart and he will always need his just may not be to rub his back until he drifts off to sleep...


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