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Slowing Down...

 Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's amazing how when your so busy in just everyday general life and your running so fast that your feet and mind can hardly keep up..and then WHAM?!...something hits you like bolt of lightening and you stop running from place to place, task to task...and you realize that years have passed.... There are friends you have lost touch with, there are family members that you have forgot there birthday, there are unfinished tasks that you started and never finished because you never feel like you have enough time in the day to accomplish everything you need to do... It's sad to think that in this day and time, we are so busy that we can't find a spare minute to call that friend up that lives 30 minutes away just to say "Hey ya been?"

Khristian and I were talking on the way to school this morning like we always do and at 9 years old he made me stop and realize that I am doing the exact same thing I said I would never do. I am letting life get the best of me...I am letting the world run "my" world. He pointed out that today was a gorgeous day...I agreed..then he asked me if I had said my prayers this morning....and sadly I said no, that I had forgot because I was so busy...and the sadder thing is I didnt say them last night either...that means that I had gotten so busy with everything else that I had forgot to give thanks to the one person that never forgets me... I instantly turned the radio down and prayed a silent prayer but the guilt I felt is still with me.

Bless his heart, Khristian was on a roll this morning because then he proceeded to point out that we, as a family, had not had a pizza and movie night in a while.. (this is a family tradition that we have had since he was 3 or 4, where he picks out  a movie and I pick up a pizza and we all pile up in my bed)...sadly again, he is right...I promise him that we will do that this weekend...he then proceeded to tell me that we had not had a game night in a while..yep you guessed it...right again. He never fails to amaze 9 years old..he has just taught his Mom a lesson...

Yep's time to slow down and remember the small joys in life that make it so worth living...


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