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 Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Funny thing happened last night...

I was feeling a little down yesterday due to some issues that will remain unknown...but I was kinda sulking around, cooking supper, doing the laundry...things that I do everyday..wishing I was on a beach, in Paris, Rome, New York, climbing a mountain in the middle of nowhere..anywhere but at home cooking supper. I would love to say that I was a seasoned traveler. Truth is, it has always been my dream to travel the world, to see things that people only talk about seeing one day! Anyways, on with the story, I was sulking around my kitchen cooking supper, Khristian was flying a remote control helicopter around my head (that was utterly getting on my last nerve), and Travis was watching TV...I finished supper, grabbed my Ipod and my book, went outside and layed on my hammock, figuring I was going to get some quiet time in to clear my head and just take a huge deep breath and let all my stresses and frustrations go. I probably read maybe 30 minutes when Travis came outside and plopped down on the grass and just layed there looking up at the sky and he asked me to join him...I did...we started pointing out the shapes of the clouds and what they looked like (now this used to be a favorite thing of mine when I was a kid), Khristian soon joined us...

The sun turned into the moon and the clouds soon turned into stars....We all 3 layed there underneath the stars for about 2 hours..we quietly talked about our day, we pointed out constellations, found the North Star, until finally we all lay there in silence looking up in to the clear night sky..mesmorized by the peacefulness that surrounded us.

It was then that I let all my frustrations go...I may not be in paris, Rome, or New day I will but not today or tomorrow...right now I am with my family! Lying there between the two people that know me best, the two people that accept me no matter what, and the two people that can make me smile when the day just seems like its unbearable and I can't seem to find that smile by myself...they are there to lend me one of there own and say I love you.

Paris, Rome and New York can wait...I'm right where I'm supposed to be...


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